Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter fur balls

I'm currently being held hostage in my own home by tiny furry five-week-old tyrants.

One of the things about our move to Austin that I was most excited about was the promise of a puppy. We definitely couldn't have one in London (at least not a proper sized one!) so I've been counting down the days. On arrival though - with our sensible heads on - we realised that, as we're going to be out the country for at least 2 months over the summer, we shouldn't get one until the Autumn. Devastated. 

Fortunately Austin has a pretty well established animal rescue system - Austin Pets Alive! is a bit of an Austin institution - run by a team of perma-smiling volunteers they have a no-kill policy and offered me the perfect solution to my desolate dog-less existence - short term puppy fostering 

Fostering at APA lets dogs get out of the kennels and into homes short term - either to allow them to recover from injury -  or to look after baby pups until they're old enough to be adopted in to their permanent families. 

Springs enthusiastic springing means the shelter is overflowing with motherless puppies - so J and I popped over to the town lake animal center to collect these motherless fur-balls for a couple of weeks. 

They have dreadful table manners 

In fact pretty dreadful manners all round

But they smell like puppy, they clamber like monkeys, are endlessly entertaining and have been dictating my every movement with their furry eyebrows ever since they arrived. 

They're still real blue-eyed babies but in six weeks time they'll have doubled in size and be ready to be permanently adopted. It wouldn't be fair for us to keep them as we're out the country all summer - so if you know anyone who might have space in their life to give one of these beautiful two a permanent loving home somewhere in Texas - get in touch. 



  1. I'm pretty sure if I don't un-follow you in the next few days I'm going to need a puppy.
    Your instagram makes me hurt for one. or two.

    1. haha TAKE THEM - they've taken over my life!! xxx

  2. Oh my gosh- what little cuties!! I couldn't foster puppies or I would keep them ALL! haha

    by the way, I am having a healthy living giveaway- $120 value organic detox kit on my blog- please come by and enter!


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